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Indoor Air Pollution Responsible for Allergic Disease and Asthma

- Professor Koutrakis of Harvard University, world renowned scholar in public health field, gave warning on indoor air pollution
- More time spent indoors with poor air quality poses environmental health risks
- Air cleaner removes 99% of fine particles and allergen, the most common triggers of allergies and asthma

The ‘air’ that we breathe in is not in any way less important than the food we take in. Continuous industrialization changed lifestyles to the point where modern people stay indoors for 20 hours a day. However, the level of awareness on indoor air pollution is still alarmingly low. Lifestyle changes now demand of us to give much deserved attention to air pollution, the level of attention that we pay to food hygiene.

Professor Petros Koutrakis of Harvard School of Public Health stressed the importance of indoor air quality management and announced performance test results for air cleaners against health-damaging pollutants at the research symposium held in Coway R&D Center of Seoul National University on July 1st.

His presentation was meaningful in that effective measure to tackle increasing air pollution was discussed, and also in the sense that Harvard University verified performance level of a domestic air purifier. It is expected to breathe new life into the industry.

Professor Koutrakis of Harvard School of Public Health is a renowned scholar in ‘indoor air quality control’ and ‘public health’ field.

He warned against indifference to indoor air pollution and observed that large sensitive populations such as children and the elderly are suffering from environmental diseases caused by indoor air pollutants such as fine particles and allergen. World Health Organization estimates that indoor air pollution is responsible for 2.8 million deaths a year and over a billion people around the globe are exposed to indoor air pollutant levels 100 times higher than accepted guideline values.

Fine particles and allergen are two most common health-damaging pollutants that are directly responsible for environmental diseases such as allergic diseases and asthma.

Koutrakis has conducted performance tests on a Coway product (AP-1008BH model) since last year and his test results show a 99% efficiency rating in removing indoor fine particles and allergen.

During his presentation, the professor acknowledged that although multiple environmental factors has to be taken into account, air purifiers are generally very effective in capturing indoor particulate matters such as fine particles and when special filters are employed, they are even successful in removing viruses and bacteria. He recommended air purifiers as a smart option to manage indoor air quality.

There are other easy yet useful tips for keeping indoor air clean and healthy. Based on Korean climate condition, indoor air is most fit when temperature is set at 23 degree (Celsius) and humidity is adjusted at 50% or below. To provide natural ventilation, must open windows for at least 30 minutes a day but when outdoor air is polluted by automobile combustion gas and other pollutant sources, air purifiers can be greatly useful in capturing such contaminants. One of the greatest enemies of indoor air is tobacco and purifying plants such as Ficus Benjamina and Dieffenbachia are proven be effective allies of healthy air.

Professor Koutrakis concluded his presentation by stating “Clean indoor air is essential for healthy life. And we need to see increased awareness and action on indoor air quality on the part of general public. I will continue to inform the public on the importance of managing indoor air and do my best to help people enjoy healthy and clean indoor work and life spaces.”


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